Paige's Music Safety Protocol

Paige’s Music General Safety Protocols

· All representatives of Paige’s Music have been vaccinated against Flu and Covid-19 prior to working with the school communities

· Paige’s Music representatives complete a daily health screening prior to attending work.

Mouthpiece Testing Safety Protocols:

· Steri-Spray will be utilized to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19. The active ingredient in this sanitizing agent is quaternary ammonium, and it is found on the EPA’s list of approved disinfectants to kill the virus. You can also find the materials safety data sheet for Steri-Spray at the following link:

· Masks and face shields will be worn at all times and hand sanitizer will be utilized for all involved parties before and after mouthpiece testing.

· The ZWMS West Hall/Cafeteria will accommodate four students being tested at one time. This will allow for at least 12 feet of distance between testing stations.

· Paige’s Music representatives will disinfect each mouthpiece, ligature and plastic reed in the company provided mouthpiece kit, as well as mouthpieces in all instrument cases, sticks, mallets and flute head joints. Items will sit for 10 minutes per instructions on the product label. Digital timers will be utilized to signal end of drying period.

· Representatives will provide the student a sanitized mouthpiece and teach student how to produce a sound on the mouthpiece. Representatives will then step away before student moves air through the mouthpiece.